Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Update on My Physical Health

This has been a real difficult three months, and possibly the reason why you have not seen any posts. It is hard to communicate when one is not themselves physically. This past Wednesday I was at work and experienced a pancreatic gallstone attack. Six days later (today), I am back home, and asking you to pray for us and stay close to the Real Issue.     

I just arrived home from a six day stay at Mary Washington Hospital. No, there are no pictures of me sedated or at my worst. To say the least, I have a lot of physical maintenance to do with my blood sugar levels and recovering from the surgery. Thanks to my living in the same fallen world as you, they to their filled me up with fluids. I will also taking insulin for a short time period (hopefully) to maintain my pancreas until I get back to a normal way of life. I am also taking a cycle of blood thinners to ensure no post surgical clots and hopefully remove a very small blood clot on the outside wall of my liver.  

The gall bladder is gone. But I am feeling much much better despite being very very very weak right now.  

I want to thank all of those dear friends and saints for your prayers and love outreach to our family. This was no walk in the park, and if it got worse, I would not be typing this right now, could have becoming under sepsis and possible not being in this earthly existence. Now on the road to recovery.

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