Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Review of 2014 at The Real Issue

We Say Goodbye to 2014 and Hello 2015!

The year 2014 has come and gone and every year I have an opportunity to compile the postings over the year and reflect on what I wrote on. Every year I sit back and scratch my head and thank the Lord for what He has allowed me to share with you.

One of the surprises that I noticed on the posting talley, that we were a couple short of our highest monthly. But I write as the spirit leads and there is enough energy to hammer on the keys.

First off let me say to those of you who read and follow The Real Issue, thank you for your indulging the postings. Some of you who do or do not follow this blog have made comments letting me know who you have been shaped or influenced by what you have read. Thank you and praise the Lord for His moving in your heart and mind.

This year started off with a rush posting 12 postings in the first month and then tapered off to a few hear and there. This year, I hope exceed the postings and find more time to accomplish this. Part of thene of the surprises that I noticed on the posting talley, that we were a couple short of our highest monthly. But I write as the spirit leads and there is enough energy to hammer on the keys.

I am one of a few (very few) of apologists who are in this kind of business, and because of the demands for my time to make money to feed hungry women and children (mine), it can be a mine field for stealing time, energy and zeal for what I love to do.

Believe me, I do not love my job more than my Lord nor my family. . .nor the ministry that God has given me. I will not cave, and I will continue to press forward to the high calling of defending the faith and answering the curious questions challenging our Christian worldview.

What to Look for in 2015

One of the high points this past year was the birth of our Ratio Christi chapter at Germanna. Our students love to discuss the questions and kick things around. This Spring semester will be our first full semester and I will be sharing some of the questions as they come up. Some times a side issue subject comes up that might make a great post.

I am also looking to address the issues that are hitting our culture with a vengeance. I plan on doing more on those as well as some writing on the historical Jesus questions coming from those who think Jesus was a myth or a copy cat messiah.

We know He is a "real sin Savior" in time space history and not some fabrication made up by some myther.  I also will be looking to see where I had mentioned where a post is the beginning of a series and either making edits or continuing that series.  I can think of one right now that I need to get back and write upon. That is the issues behind the religious relativism challenge, and the question if all religions say the same thing. We know they don't but I will be sharing more with you WHY that is the case.

Prayer Requests

I am seeking the Lord's direction on a job change, to give me more time and more of "a life" and more time to spend with my family doing ministry.  Will you pray with and for me in this area. Pray for the opportunities I have to share the truth of the Christian faith and ultimately the gospel of Christ with a skeptical person.

Pray that the Lord will give me opportunities to speak in churches to student groups and preaching opportunities to share the vision of this ministry and the ministry of Ratio Christi.

Pray for more time to expand this ministry to a podcast and revive our YouTube channel. I am all in, and am asking you to be all in in prayer for us here at the Real Issue.

Here is to a exciting 2015 of ministry and seeing what the Lord is going to do through us and those who work with us.


Rob Lundberg
The Real Issue

This blog is the outreach arm of Christian apologist Rob Lundberg. The purpose of this page is equip and encourage believers to provide credible answers to the hard and soft questions that are confronting the Christian faith.

Some of the material on this site will have particular interest to answering some of the objections coming the arenas of morals, ethics, religion, and philosophy. We invite our readers to engage and make comments. Comments will be reviewed and all appropriate comments will be posted and we will interact together. Thank you RL

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