Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting Until the Reason Rally

This week has been a busy week and I have been having bloggers flooding my email inbox with postings to put up.  Most Sunday mornings you would see a posting of a Sunday morning posting.  This post will provide a few quotes and then some links to some blogs for you to check out in preparation for the Reason Rally coming up on the 24th of this month.  Pardon my limited reading as part of that have been due to the fact of limiting myself on who and what I read, which by the way, can be to my detriment.  First the quips and quotes from a person who goes by b. hearn:

Panspermia n; "Desperate naturalists begging the question."   This is one of those funnies that shows how this idea that life was created by extraterrestrials from outside of this universe is so . .  reductio ad absurdum  It simply does beg the question.

"Extreme open-mindedness is merely empty mindedness."  We are often accused by brute fact arguing atheists and those who profess to be "in the know" about reality of being closed minded or narrow.  Could it be that the more open minded one becomes the more empty minded they become?   Hmmm.

"Faith is not belief held in the absence of evidence but rather a commitment to what one already believes when an insatiable appetite for more evidence is unmet."  We are often accused by the new atheists that having faith is stupid, immature, and primitive.  But faith implies three things:  knowledge, belief, and trust.  The more evidence we have, the more knowledge we have.  The more knowledge we have, the more we believe and then trust the faith given to us in what lies supportive but beyond the known evidence.   Does not sound blind to me.  If anything, atheism is based upon blind faith.

Now for some blog postings from Nick Peters' blog Deeper Waters. . .

Reason Rally:  Outrage!
Reason Rally:  The Problems With the New Atheism
Reason Rally:  Why Christians Should Accept Science
Reason Rally:  Do You Really Know the Bible?

Care for some "Poached Egg"?  Here is a great post from Greg West's Poached Egg Worldview and Apologetics Network entitled. . .

12 Quotes on Evolution and Intelligent Design

Tomorrow the "true reason book" comes out!  Feel free to ask what that is all about.  Send me an email and I will answer you come tomorrow and beyond.

Okay, that is enough musing for now.  I have to get adapted to the time change.  

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