Saturday, December 17, 2011

Peter Hitchens Remembers His Brother Christopher

In Memoriam, my courageous brother Christopher, 1949-2011
By Peter Hitchens
16 December 2011 (7:40 PM)

How odd it is to hear of your own brother’s death on an early morning radio bulletin. How odd it is for a private loss to be a public event.

I wouldn’t normally dream of writing about such a thing here, and I doubt if many people would expect me to. It is made even odder by the fact that I am a minor celebrity myself. And that the, ah, complex relationship between me and my brother has been public property. 

I have this morning turned down three invitations to talk on the radio about my brother. I had a powerful feeling that it would be wrong to do so, not immediately explicable but strong enough to persuade me to say a polite ‘no thank you’. continue reading here

See also WorldNet Daily's article today "Christopher Hitchens, God's Favorite Atheist?," written by Art Moore who comments on the those on the Christian side who knew Christopher personally sharing their thoughts about their encounters in debates and dialogues with Christopher.  

I don't agree with his worldview.  At the same time, I am not one who is not rejoicing in the loss of this man was hostile toward the Christian worldview and message.   I also enjoyed watching him struggle with those who debated and continued to pray for his redemption as the Lord brought me remembrance to pray for him.  As I heard him speak, read his writing, or watched a debate with him against one of God's ambassadors, I continually wondered what will it take for him to come to faith, and how he could reject the truth given by faithful the witnesses and defenders of the faith; folks like Bill Craig, Doug Wilson, Frank Turek, Dinesh D'Sousa, along with the others.   He grew up in the Anglican Church hearing Bible verses as a kid.  He heard the message from so many, given with gentleness and respect.  All I know and truly believe is that God will be just, and will not compromise His justice in meting out Christopher's eternal destiny.  Sola Deo Gloria.


Kraxpelax said...

This pernicous atheist aggression of Hitchens may be somewhat understandable in an American context of pressure and Bible thumping. Personnaly raised a rabid Atheist, I turned Catholic at mature aged, convinced by Reason of rational untenability of Atheism. My faith is a CONCLUSION, NOT a premise.


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Rob Lundberg said...

Kraxpelax, thank you for your comment. Let me invite you to check out the links under the "Passing of One of the Four Horsemen". I noticed that Christopher in one of those articles mentioned that it was militant Islam that ruined his views of the world, or some thing to that extent.

I agree that atheism is untenable. Let me say that it is really unlivable when things go wrong, like a 9/11, because there is no answers to the problem or evil or when people do bad things to you or to me.

Even though I am evangelical in my faith, I am glad that you came to the "conclusion" you came to. As to a premise, everyone makes them based on foundational points of their worldview. The question is whether their worldview is a good one or not. Atheism is a bankrupt worldview.