Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ever Wonder Why Apologetics Training is Needed in the Church?

I was reading a local Baptist newspaper/bulletin and came across an interesting article. The article was speaking about a response to some advocating sending our kids out to be trained in an institution where the world view of that institution is anti-Christian. We wonder why our kids are leaving the faith in droves once they leave home for college. Consider some of the facts that stem from this article.

We are witnessing a growing trend within Christendom wherein many liberal church leaders worldview is "If God's Word doesn't agree with my view on morality, then I'm right and God is wrong - He needs to get with it." How arrogant is this?!? The quote goes on, "Why not support and send our children to an anti-Christian government school? No problem." Oh really? Consider the following:

A 2002 report by the Baptist Council on Family Life found that 88% of children from evangelical homes who attend government schools leave the church within 2 years of graduation from high school, and most never return. The writer in the article said that this was an optimistic study? George Barna states that the number of children lost to the world is now approaching 96%.

With all the time that the church does not have compared and contrasted with the schools, isn't it high time the churches begin serious apologetics training starting at the elementary level all the way through high school? This is not for government school kids, but also for the Christian school kids as well.

Something to think about eh? At the same time, I will have more to say on this issue at a later time. -- RL

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It's not about me. said...

Amen. Here are 3 links that add to your point here: This is a short video on schooling Biblically:

Here is the video interview of the father of the 5 year old whose school had him arrested for demanding notification of homosexual based lessons:

And this link is to a one page summary on the NEA's latest policy updates for this year which includes homosexual indoctrination for preschoolers among other obominations: Some members also are openly against Christianity.

The contrast of the two videos is mind numbing.

What has come to your mind that can be done?