We live in an ever increasing anti-Christian culture, steeped in a narcissistic form of relativism both morally and ideologically. Some folks would even fall into the category of narcissistic moralistic therapeutic deism. 

Truth in our culture is for most part relegated to a byword in many contexts, sometimes denied, reinterpreted as coming from one's senses, or deemed as relative to other situations, or even worse non-existent. The age old question that was asked to Jesus by Pontius Pilate was this very question: “What is truth?” And it is the same question is still gnawing in the hearts and minds of many, where the impact of blurred answers are leading to an exodus from the faith mounting anywhere from 60-80% of young people from aged 18-30 who are coming out of Christian homes.

In such an age of confusion and chaos how does one find answers to life’s deepest realities and questions? Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias has said, “We have right to believe anything but not everything we believe is right.”

Our team at the Real Issue Apologetics Ministry (RIAM) understands that apologetics has been growing rapidly over the recent few years. However those interested in the topic didn’t know anyone else in their church or circle of friends who shared this same passsion/interest.  Our culture and area is in need of ministries to share the need for evangelism to be undergirded with apologetics.
We are seeking to provide a place where “budding apologists” and people interested in apologetics can gather to discuss their shared interest, and where those new to the subject could come and learn from them.

Please stop by the Facebook Page, Friend us and Follow us. Let us get to know how to assist you.   After building those first connections, we can possibly start meeting publicly. Those meetings will most likely take place once / possibly twice a month once we have secured a place, possibly a church with Wifi capabilities.
Here is a list of some of the things we would like to do to help you grow in your faith and apologetics endeavors:
  • Panel discussions about topics of interest
  • Teachings on varied apologetic themes (absolutes v. relativism, problem of evil, God’s existence, worldview, abortion, evidence for Jesus’ resurrection, etc.)
  • Open discussions where we explore subjects and exchange tips
  • Try our hand at uncomfortable discussions via role play
  • Watch pre-recorded or Live Online debates with discussion following
  • Watch the presentations of well-known apologists as discussion starters
  • Presentations and opportunities for Q&A with some of today’s leading apologists via the internet
If you’re interested or have any ideas, feel free to contact us privately by email.

Please keep us in your prayers as we seek the Lord’s leadership in launching this ministry.

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