Monday, December 11, 2017

Series Part IV: The Uniqueness of Jesus in Contrast to the Gurus of Hinduism

As we move through this series on why Jesus is superior to all of the religious figures and religious leaders we find that when we encounter Jesus, we find He addresses the deepest recesses of the heart, the soul and the mind.  That being said, we come now to addressing this question with reference to the gurus of the Hindu religion. The Hindu religion had its earliest beginnings sometime about 2000 B.C.  The tribes living in the Indus Valley of northern India had a polytheistic religion that was primarily rooted in the occult. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: Why Jesus is Superior to All the Other Religious Founders (Part 1)

Is Jesus just a mere human being who did great deeds, and spoke sage words? When we see bumper stickers like "COEXIST" and "TOLERANCE" spelled out using the religious symbols, it makes us want to scratch our heads and wonder what the person really believes. But Jesus is more than just "one of the boys" and a mere human being. This show is the first of two. In this one, Rob discusses "Why Jesus is Superior to Moses, Socrates and Buddha."

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Series Part III: The Uniqueness of Jesus in Contrast to Buddha

Whether we realize it or not, people today from the West are taking a look at, and embracing some of the varying forms of Buddhism. Celebrities like Richard Gere, Orlando Bloom, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, along with others are some of the influencers that are attracting people to this eastern world religion.  This posting will take a brief look at the key figure of Buddhism and examine him with the life and work of Jesus and show three key points on why Jesus is superior to "the Buddha."

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Series Part II: The Uniqueness of Jesus in Contrast to Socrates

Socrates is coined by some as the father of philosophy.  Interestingly enough some well meaning Christian brothers and sisters, for some reason, have an aversion to philosophy. But being a "worldview guy," these same folks do not realized that they are living out a "philosophy of life," a worldview. 

Colossians 2:8, "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ" (NASB).  You see the Christian worldview is based upon the worldview (philosophy) of Jesus Christ. 

So we don't need to be afraid of the word "philosophy" and thinking.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Series: Part I: The Uniqueness of Jesus in Contrast to Moses

Many of the world religions have a view of who Jesus is and what He taught. Even the religion that is the closest companion to the Christian faith, Judaism, has a view of about the person of Jesus. Was He just a great rabbi who was misguided?  Was He just a good man.  

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with a fellow who had these views of Jesus. In that conversation  he shared with me that he thought that Jesus was nothing more than a great teacher or a great mystic. What I want to do is open this first comparison and contrasting post is address the one who is as close to the Christian faith as one can get. In fact, this person even appeared with Elijah at Jesus' transfiguration. That personality is Moses.  

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Series Introduction: Jesus in the Light of Other Philosophical and Religious Figures

If you were driving down the road and saw with bumper stickers on the back of a car that said "COEXIST" and "TOLERANCE" written in the symbolism of some of the major religious world views, how does that make you feel?  I am sure it would make you wonder whether or not the person driving really did not know what they believed about anything. That is because all religions in their mind are all true. (Psst, they're not). They can all be wrong, but they cannot all be right.

Do you know that the bumper sticker is hypocritical because

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Knowing the Difference Between Resurrection, Reincarnation, and Resuscitation

by Rob Lundberg17796709_10213276678055125_5281942654396583827_n
The other day at work, I was involved in a discussion with someone who asked me about what was the reason for my being a Christian. My favorite way of answering that question is that “a dead guy came back to life.”  But then I followed up with that by sharing with him that it was looking into the resurrection of Christ and being open for God’s Holy Spirit to convict, convince, draw and save me by His grace as I investigated the gospel accounts and external sources for Jesus’ resurrection.  You see, Jesus died, and then rose from the dead three days later. He was not resuscitated.

Monday, November 27, 2017

What is the Law of Non Contradiction?

by Rob Lundberg

The Law of Non-Contradiction is the most fundamental law of logic that slam dunks cultural, moral, ethical relativistic thinking.  Relativists posit that all truth is relative, morals are relative, and all religions pretty much say the same "stuff."

In logical terms, to illustrate this using elementary logical symbols, let's call a statement, "A."  

Statement A cannot equal the opposite of that statement non A (~A).  So  (A) is not equal to (~A) is a true statement with reference to the law of non contradiction.  Simply stated in practical language, it is not possible for something to be both true and false at the same time and in the same context.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Open Forum: How did we get just 66 books of the Bible?

by Rob Lundberg


A few years ago, I was a guest speaker at an Apologetics Focus Sunday, promoted by a nearby local church here in Virginia. I must say that it was a long day for me, but a  delightful and energetic time for all who participated.

What made it interesting is that I gave five presentations, one in the form of a Sunday School lesson, one in the form of a sermon, and three other talks that would later be followed up by a Question and Answer session.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What Are the Essentials of Biblical Christianity?

by Rob Lundberg

The other day my daughter and I were having a conversation about some of the basic essentials of the historical faith, what it teaches and what some groups within the array of Christian faith believe. What are the common teachings that bring us together when it comes to embracing this faith known as biblical Christianity?

To give you an abstract illustration allow us to imagine that we have a bowl of M&M's but I tell you that there are a few candy coated pieces of cyanide in the same bowl.  Would you dive into those M&M's.  Here is another illustration.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Bankruptcy of Atheism

by Rob Lundberg

When you look at the title, you might be saying, "Hey Rob, what do you mean that atheism is a bankrupt worldview?" First off what prompted this topic for this posting is from finding a meme asking this same question on a Facebook apologetics group.  The meme asked, "Is Atheism Impossible?" This can be taken a couple of ways.

One way is in the thinking that it is hard to win an atheist to believe in the existence of God and the become a follower of Jesus Christ, God in human flesh. The other way is to look at this from the angle of two terms in the question, "atheism" and ideologically bankrupt."  Here is the approach that I wish to take on this subject since there are those a whole lot philosophically astute who have written on this, like Dr. William Lane Craig.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Biblical Look at Doing Apologetics

This post is a follow up to my previous entry on a biblical view of apologetics. At the National Conference on Christian Apologetics, there was a discussion on the starting point of apologetics. What seemed like a good start, the discussion turned into a debate on why the Young Earth view was better than the Old Earth view, which was not the intended topic for the discussion since both participants in the discussion (Ken Ham and Dr. Richard Howe) were proponents of the young Earth position, for different reasons.

While which specific methodology is the best, it will not be the topic of this posting. This is because the temptation with apologetics is to offer set answers to set questions.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Biblical Look at Apologetics

Not too long ago there was a running thread on my Facebook wall about being dumbfounded about why Christians see apologetics as an unnecessary discipline in the Christian life and witness. That posting created what I call "blog fodder" which is now prompting me write this post after about a week of study, and research.  So what I would like to present here is a biblical understanding of apologetics from 1 Peter 3:15 and how it relates to contemporary evangelism. 

This posting is going to address the definition of apologetics rooting it firmly as a spiritual discipline indispensable to and indivisible from evangelism in a post-Christian America. 

This is going to be a two part presentation, where in the second part, I am going to bring in how we are to engage in apologetics. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Multiple Worldview Disorder (MWD) in Culture and the Church

by Rob Lundberg, Staff Apologist

Over the past few years I have been writing on the subject of the competing worldviews to biblical Christianity. Whether one wants to recognize this or not, every person, including you the reader, has a worldview. What is a worldview? James Sire in his classic book, The Universe Next Door puts it this way,
“a worldview is a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can be expressed as a story or in a set of presuppositions (assumptions, that may be true, partially true, or false) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously) about the basic constitution of reality, and that provides that foundation on which we live and move and have our being.”[1]
This past weekend at the Donors Banquet kicking off our Ratio Christi Symposium,

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Has God Restored the Offices of Apostle and Prophet in the Present-Day Church?

There is a movement claiming to restore the offices of apostle and prophet known as The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).  The basic claim of the NAR is that offices of the apostles and prophets are to be a part of the church. The prooftext for the NAR's claim is founded on Paul's letter in the First Century church(es) in Ephesus.  The text for this claim is Ephesians 4:11-12 which states,  "And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ."  

Is there any biblical support for this claim?  In this post, following up our post addressing the question of whether or not the office of the apostle being alive today, I am going re-address it a little deeper

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's All This Talk of a "Five-Fold Ministry"?

The concept of the five-fold ministry comes from the context of  Ephesians 4:11, "It was he who gave some to be (1) apostles, some to be (2) prophets, some to be (3) evangelists, and some to be (4) pastors and (5) teachers.

Because of the singular focus by NAR and charismatic teachers, there are some who believe God has restored, or is restoring, the offices of apostle and prophet in the church today. In my last posting, I addressed whether or not the office of the apostle was valid for today.  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Is the Office of the "Apostle" Alive Today?

Not long ago I was speaking with a friend about a local group, rooted in the new apostolic reformation, and was asked for my thoughts on "modern day apostles."[1] Now one has to clarify what the word "apostle" so that we understand the question. For example does the word, apostle mean a reference to the "office" going back to the New Testament period or does it mean just a practical application of one who is a messenger. Since the question pertained to the office like that of the New Testament Apostolic office this posting will address the question from this angle.

Simply stated, the answer to this question as it pertains to the New Testament office is a resounding, "NO!" However, I will not let it go there. Allow me to defend this position and why there is no apostolic office in the church of the Third Millennium. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism: What is It and How Can We Respond to this Phenomenon?

A couple of years ago one of my students in our chapter confessed that he had been experiencing some difficulties at home. Much of problem was a misunderstanding about being a well behaved young adult (college student) living under their parents roof.  However their thinking also revealed that they were questioning their understanding of God and whether God really cared and intervened in their life. What that person told me was that they were living more along the lines of a deistic understanding of how God operates in our lives.

As I think about where we are in our culture

Monday, September 25, 2017

Are 2 Samuel 24:1 and 1 Chronicles 21:1 Contradictory?

Sometimes the Bible presents what seems to be contradictions in the histories of the Old Testament. One such case are the passages of 2 Samuel 24:1 and 1 Chronicles 21:1 which respectively tell us, What is the problem? Well, how can a passage claiming that God moved David to number Israel be not a contradiction to a similar passage in 1 Chronicles 21:1 which claims that it was Satan who caused David to number Israel?  Are these passages problematic?

Here are the passages and let's work this through.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Remembering Nabeel Qureshi April 13, 1983 - September 16, 2017

April 13, 1983-September 16, 2017

Nabeel Qureshi died of cancer yesterday (Saturday) morning. I did not know him as well as those in the RZIM community, the Houston Baptist faculty and the folks at Biola. 

However I am thankful for the privilege having the opportunity to be a break out speaker in 2010, when he and his pastor hosted a regional apologetics conference as a youth minister at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church and conversing with him about his and David Wood's experiences at the Dearborn Arab Festival.  I had a short visit with him a few times at the National Apologetics Conference, particularly the year that he shared his testimony and why he wrote Seeking Allah and Finding Jesus.  

He will be greatly missed by many.  Please continue to pray for his wife, Michelle, and their daughter Ayah.  

There are some wonderful posts out there in the blogosphere. Allow me to recommend this article from The Stream by Tom Gilson.  Also, Ravi Zacharias has written a wonderful testimony of Nabeel's impact with RZIM for  the Washington Post.  Also Justin Taylor from the Gospel Coalition has written a wonderful article on Nabeel's life.

His writing, his preaching and speaking and his fellowship in the apologetics world will be sorely missed. He impacted many in the church to reach out to Muslims and defend their faith with the gentleness and respect we are called to do. This young man's legacy will continue to impact many because of the many lives that he touched. Ravi Zacharias stated that it was tens of thousands. 

This is not good bye, Nabeel. This we'll see you later and soon.  



For those of you who may have missed the service, you can also read the gleanings by Ravi Zacharias who gave Nabeel's eulogy.  It is found online in the Christianity Today  What Ravi Zacharias Said at Nabeel Qureshi’s Funeral.  Please continue to pray for Nabeel's wife Michelle, their daughter Ayah Fatima, and Nabeel's Mother and Father and his sister who are both Muslims.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Five Questions Every Worldview MUST Answer Coherently and Cohesively

You hear a lot about the subject of world views and you may have run across some posts here at The Real Issue on world views. But repetition is always a good teacher, particularly when it comes to matters of truth and ministry. 

There are a variety of definitions that are presented by different authors. When we look at the meaning of the worldview, my go to is James Sire's definition where he says that a worldview is  "a worldview is a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can be expressed as a story or in a set of presuppositions (assumptions, that may be true, partially true, or false) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously) about the basic constitution of reality, and that provides that foundation on which we live and move and have our being".[1]  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: It's Apologetics Awareness Week! (September 10-17, 2017)

September 10-17, 2017 kicks off the first Apologetics Awareness Week.  If you have been following the postings this week, took some time to sum up those postings and share a little about this week.

This is a week to get those who have not thought about the task of apologetics or have had difficulty questions thrown their way and have not known how to answer them. It is also a week for those who have wondered about apologetics and have not had the chance to get in on the fun of learning what it means to be confident about one's faith.

Check out the Real Issue Podcast for more information and more equipping in this show, on "It's Apologetics Awareness Week" on the Real Issue podcast.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

What Can Apologetics Do and Why Do Apologetics?

We are fast approaching the Apologetics Awareness Week (September 10-17) and I have shared with you somethings about the purpose and the importance of apologetics. My previous post was about what apologetics cannot do without the aide of the Holy Spirit.  In this post I want to do double duty in sharing with you about what apologetics can do and why we should do apologetics.

First off we need to understand why we do apologetics apart from the Scriptures commanding us to give a reason for the hope that we have.

Friday, September 8, 2017

What Apologetics Cannot Do

We have a few more days before the beginning of the Apologetics Awareness Week (Sept 10-17).  Be sure to check out your local LifeWay stores to find if and when there will be a workshop during the week. The Tuesday event is a workshop that will be held by a staff member of the LifeWay store walking the participants through the free Apologetics workbook. Make sure that if you have thought of learning about apologetics, these events might be a good activity to whet your appetite.

In this post, I want to share with you about four (4) things that apologetics cannot do.  Let's address them and get to the real issue.  Tomorrow's post will be on the things that apologetics can do as we wrap up the week of posts.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

What is the Goal of Apologetics?

As we continue some short posts in preparation for next week's nationwide Apologetics Awareness Week (Sept 10-17), I am often told by folks who really don't understand the goal of apologetics or the purpose of apologetics that apologetics is divisive. Many think it is about winning an argument.  But this posting is going to show that apologetics has a broader purpose than winning a debate in a formal setting, or demolishing arguments or giving reason.

The goal of apologetics, in a one to one conversation should be evangelism. No way! Really? Yes. Really!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Why is Apologetics Important and Necessary?

Continuing on as we approach the Apologetics Awareness Week, let me share with you why I believe apologetics is very important and very necessary for Christians and for the Church today. Here is my "ugly statement." Believers who would like to be effective in their evangelism and discple-making must understand three reasons why apologetics is important and necessary for Christians and the Church. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Apologetics Awareness Week, September 10-17

Apologetics Awareness Week is next week!  What is Apologetics Awareness Week?  The purpose of Apologetics Awareness Week - September 10-17, 2017 - is two fold.  First it is to motivate and inspire Christians to promote apologetics in their local area, online, and within their sphere of influence.  

Second it is to unite the apologetics community in promoting rational faith in the church, Christian schools, and throughout the culture. You can help with this effort by networking intentionally, particularly through social media during this week. And don’t forget the power of personal, face-to-face communication, especially with your church’s leadership.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: The Sacredness of Human Sexuality, The Nashville Statement and Did Jesus Address Same Sex Marriage

We continue this week in our final program (for now) on the those things that God considers sacred.

Is human sexuality sacred? With the divorce rate being close to 50% in our culture and the church, along with culture affirming sexual promiscuity the church in America came up with a balanced and biblical response.

This week the CBMW came out with a coalitional statement called "The Nashville Statement" that puts forth a sound biblical response to the sexually charged post Christian culture. With the religion of the culture being "sex" and the philosophy of the culture being nihilism, this statement is God's message to the church, the culture, and those "on the fence" because of the culture pontifications that gay is okay, and sexual freedom is the way to meaningful relationships (it's not).

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The Nashville Statement
Sojourners' Counter Response
Michael Brown's response to the Sojourners response
Closing music: King and Country, "Ceasefire"

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thoughts About the Tragedy in Charlottesville

By Rob Lundberg

This past weekend—both Saturday and Sunday is a bit of a blur for me due to my job schedule and environment, which puts me only hearing about the Charlottesville rally and the the tragic incidents that occurred there this past weekend.  While I am still piecing things together, what I do understand is that white nationalists that include neo-Nazis and other hate groups staged a rally in Charlottesville this weekend. 

And the perception is that it was a rally intended to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.  Confederate flags were flying high at the protest. Then, in the early afternoon, some “thug” rammed his car into some of the counter-protesters, killing one woman and injuring dozens of others.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: What is a Worldview and Why it Makes a Difference

Everybody has a worldview, but only 10% of the Christians truly embrace a biblical worldview. This is two part series on the subject of worldviews. In this program, Rob answers "what is a worldview and why it makes a difference" In our program we are going to discuss this whole concept of a worldview, what it is and how your and my worldview makes a difference in a post-Christian culture witness.

This is a first of a two part series on worldviews. Next week, I will be laying out for us the Christian worldview, and what it means to have a biblical worldview.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Your Worldview Makes World of Difference

A few years ago, the Barna Research Group came out with a startling statistic showing only 10 percent of Americans, who profess to be Bible believing Christians,  actually hold what is to be considered a biblical worldview. Even more startling is the fact that the American Culture and Faith Institute did a survey where the findings showed that 7 out of 10 Americans who call themselves Christians, but relatively few were able to answer fundamental questions about the Bible and what Christians believe.

What I would like to share in this post is something that I think is very important, if we are going to impact our culture for the Christ with the gospel. That is understanding that our worldview in general, and living out a biblical worldview in particular which makes a difference and has a direct impact on our witness for Christ.[1]

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Guest Post: Reality Check. Theism or Naturalism?

By David Russell, Ministry Associate
Besides being complicated.  Reality, in my experience, is usually odd.  
Its not neat, not obvious, not what you expect.  C.S. Lewis
One of the biggest hurdles to jump while trying to discuss ideas is thought consistency.  In this post modern world many have relaxed the mind muscle and grown complacent, apathetic, even offended by discussing the depths of reality and the big questions of life.  I am often bewildered by the inconsistency some new age social justice warriors put forth.  They fight for equal rights and yet can’t justify why they should be equal or even where those rights come from.  They rail for tolerance while being intolerant to any that disagree.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pope Francis Says "We're All Children of God" If He Says It, then It Must be True. Right? Not Quite!

A few days ago I saw an undated article on one of the Apologetics boards to which I am periodically contributing my posts. I will be sharing this post on there as a response to a statement made by Pope Francis about how God is the Father of all of us.  
Unfortunately, many people who concur with the papacy's proclamations, blindly think that whenever the pope says something on religious matters then it must be true. But is the pope right?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: Why Christian Students Fall Away from Their Faith and What We Can Do to Help Them

In just a few weeks, many parents will sending their college student off to the most liberal battlegrounds on the American soil. Have our Christian kids been equipped and made ready to confront the challenges to their faith?  

What happens when your student goes off to college and has their faith challenged by a professor or their peers? They can go quiet insulating themselves. They become isolated so that their faith quits. Or they can quicken their faith by getting trained to defend their faith. 

Join us as we look into this battlefront and how we can assist you in helping your students get ready for action.  Learn more in this episode.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

What Influences Our Kids to Walk Away?

One of the main reasons I believe apologetics is necessary for the church is due to the church not  addressing the exodus of our young people in the church. I don't want to sound accusatory right out of the gate, but I am not sure the church thinks there is a problem. As I shared with you in my last post, there is a rampant anti-intellectualism in the church across America, and we are seeing the manifestation of that anti-intellectualism through a high casualty count that I will address in a moment with our kids going off to college. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: Understanding and Responding to the Anti-Intellectualism in the Church

If you were to be asked why you're a Christian, could you answer that question without giving your personal testimony? What about your belief in the Bible? Could you defend why it is God's word in an intelligent manner before skeptical inquisition?

What is anti-intellectualism and how did the church get here? What are the dangers and the pitfalls for both the individual believer and the church?

Join us for this week's episode of the Real Issue Podcast where we tackle these questions and more. This podcast springboards off of the blog posting from this ministry.  So get ready to examine your faith and stretch you mind as we talk about the reasons for God and why Christianity needs a robust forensic faith.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Anti-Intellectualism in the American Church is Not a Spiritual Gift

Over the past few months, even years, I have been wrestling with a gnawing issue on why the church is not amenable to apologetics. This is evidenced by the overwhelming anti-intellectualism that has been plaguing the church ever since 1859 when Darwin wrote his On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life as well as other influences.  

This post is by no means going to be exhaustive, and I will be referring to others who have cogently written on this same subject. We share in this burden and are seeking ways to show that "ignorance" about why we believe is not a spiritual gift, nor is it found in Scripture.[1]

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast Are Apologetics and Evangelism Necessary to Reach the American Culture and the Church?

There are a lot of questions about whether or not apologetics is compatible with today's evangelistic efforts in our post Christian culture. Does and can the Holy Spirit use reason to draw a person to saving knowledge of Christ?  How does apologetics interact with today's evangelism? Find out the answer to these questions and more on this episode.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Christian Response to the Atheist No Free Will Rant

One good question to ask an atheist is if they believe they have a "free will." This question will present one of two responses.  It will present either the answer in the affirmative, which means that you are dealing with someone who is more of an agnostic. The response to the negative is indicative that your skeptical conversant is more along the lines of embracing a scientism.  

That being said, atheists who reject the idea that they have a free will are what as known as eliminative materialists. Eliminative materialism is the view that denies the existence of mental entities. Seeking an ideal scientistic mindset, they argue that an ideal scientific account of the world would contain no reference to material entities such as "beliefs" or "sensations." So all that is present, they argue,

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: Are Morals Absolute or Relative?

Culture seems to think that the creed of today is that morals are not absolute but relative. So the question we are addressing in this program is, "are morals absolute or relative?" Join us for the answer.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Answering the Religious Pluralism Question

The other day I had a coworker tell me that Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, and all the gurus all taught pretty much the same things and that none of them claimed they were the only way. When I asked her for her source for this information, another co worker, who I have regularity of conversing with on truth matters, jumped into the conversation, and said, "I am always scared when he asks me "How do you know that?" Why is that?
Lately I am having more and more confirmation that people, who are bold enough to pontificate their views on religion and politics, really have not thought things of this subject matter. Their thinking is along the lines of, if something sounds good then go with it. This is no so much in the church, but this pertains to those in the milieux of what I call the "secular city."

Friday, June 16, 2017

Can You Test the Existence of God Like You Can Test Air?

The other day I received an email in our ministry inbox from an anti-theist. The reason I say anti-theist is because the person would be considered a lightweight in contrast to folks like Michael Ruse, John Gray, Alex Rosenberg, Kai Neilsen, or Brian Lieter.  

The purpose for emailing me was to take me on about something that I said in the Truth Matters program I was on back in March of this year. As it has been the case ever since I stopped allowing comments on my YouTube video, I get these humorous accusations from anti-theists telling me that I am dishonest and afraid of the dialogue. 

The real reason is that I don't like having to follow the venomous vitriolic rabbit trail seeking someone who wants to have a civil exchange. This is the reason why I have an email at the end of the videos, so as to give an opportunity for the viewer to contact us. By the way, I always welcome comments (so long as they abide by our comment policy) at the bottom or sending an email. I promise to keep it cordial.

The Real Issue Podcast: Is Truth Absolute or Relative?

When truth is not anchored on a standard outside ourselves it becomes relative and on shifting sand. Join us as Rob addresses the problems with relativism and how to answer some of the objections.

Join us on this episode of the Real Issue Podcast as we review what truth is, and then embark on understanding this ideology smothering American culture.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Guest Post: Surfing the Gods of War

by David Russell, Ministry Associate
“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Eph 6;12)
This saying I use as satire but I want us all to actually imagine what we are up against.  As believers we fight a war on many fronts.  It seems that the battle within is not enough, we have to contend against outside forces that rival our faith.  This seems to happen in every area of our lives.  It’s like the end of the "300" when Leonidas is waiting for the hail storm of arrows to descend on him.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: Responses to the BIG 4 Objections to the Christian Faith

From conversations we have with non-Christians, any objections that are brought up usually hinge on what we call the Big 4.  

Objection #1: Is truth absolute or relative?
Objection #2: Does God exist?
Objection #3: Has the Bible in general and the New Testament in particular been corrupted?
Objection #4: Was Jesus really resurrected from the dead? 

In this episode we address these objections and give a brief response to them. This also is the first podcast where we provide you with a resource reference for you to have for future study, and sharing with others. You can find that here.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

If God Made the Universe Then Who Made God?

Have you ever been involved in a conversation with a skeptical co-worker or a friend who has asked you this question: "If God made the universe then who made God?" Let's get to the real issue of this objection for God's existence by looking a three of understandings for answering it.

First, this objection makes a categorical mistake. It would be like asking, "How does your favorite song smell?" It just does not make sense, does it? This objection is often asked by those who are fans of the famed atheist, Bertrand Russell who once said, "It everything must have a cause then God must have a cause."  But everything does not need to have a cause.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: What Kind of Faith Do You Have?

What kind of faith do you have? How would you answer the question, what is Faith?  Is faith delusional?  

Do you have an accidental faith that is based on just the fact of what you believe?  Or is your faith the kind of faith that can produce evidences for why you trust in Christ and why you believe that the Christian faith is true?  Join us on this episode of The Real Issue podcast to explore the definition of faith and why faith is not a blind form of faith.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Quick Answers to the BIG 4 Objections to the Christian Faith

Having been involved in the realm of apologetics for quite a few years now. there are several objections or questions that come to the forefront over and over again. These objections impact in one way or another what I call the BIG FOUR: 1) the matter of whether or not truth is absolute or relative; 2) God's existence; 3) Biblical authority; and 4) the credibility and historicity of Jesus' resurrection.  In this post I would like to just provide for you some quick responses so that you can keep them at your fingertips or in a folder and refer back to them when you need them.  Also I pray that what is provided here, will put you in a mode to research and reinforce these quick answers. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Real Issue Podcast: What is Apologetics (Part 2)

If someone were to ask you what apologetics is good for and why it is necessary for the church today, would you be able to answer them?  Apologetics is not just for refuting bad truth claims  That is only part of the equation.  It is also for equipping believers to go out and give our culture Heaven, and to protect the Church from error. On The Real Issue Podcast, this week we address these issues and answer a couple of objections at the end. Join us on this episode of The Real Issue podcast.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

What is the New Apostolic Reformation? A Short Summary

The New Apostolic Reformation (hereafter NAR), is a loose collection of non-denominational and independent churches rallying around a particular set of biblical interpretations. The New Apostolic Reformation approaches church leadership and biblical interpretation quite differently from mainstream Protestant and Evangelical denominations. There is are distinct roles and power for its spiritual leaders that is focused upon spiritual warfare and cultural and political infiltration.  Unfortunately this has led to some unscriptural applications to faith and spirituality. 
The growth in the NAR is driven primarily through small groups and NAR church plants that are often birthed by a parent congregation. The movement has no central control like a pope or bishop, and many of those in the movement do not self identify as of it or even recognize the name of New Apostolic Reformation. Despite this there are thousands of churches and millions of believers embracing the teaching of the NAR.  Some of the popular teachers of the NAR include C. Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson and Kim Clement.