Saturday, October 22, 2016

What This Upcoming Election Means

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." ― Morpheus, to Neo  The term red pill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix.


Being that we are just a few weeks from a National Election for the highest office, I thought that now is a good time that I should chime in and let you know my thoughts on what I believe this election means.

To be straight up, I opposed Donald Trump in the voting booth in the primary. I still have concerns about the history of rhetoric with regards to his bad mouthing people of character and principles during the debates and afterward. Though we are now down to two candidates, and the Donald seems to have toned it down, I find myself leaning toward casting my vote for Mr. Trump. I will tell you that this has taken many weeks of soul-searching to come to this conclusion (if anyone really cares).

Please understand, that this is not an endorsement for Mr. Trump as a "good man" nor as a "good candidate." He is deeply flawed in many ways, but who isn't. Does a Trump Presidency speak well for this country? Absolutely not.

In fact, I wish we had a viable third-party candidate. When I say viable, I mean someone who has a fighting chance to draw the ample amount of votes to win the election. But we do not have that. Please understand, that this election is not about either of the candidates being good people.

Why do I say this? Trump is a better chance than a Clinton Presidency. The very thought of Hillary as President is disgusting and unnerving. It is not because she is a woman. Oh God, I wish that one like Margaret Thatcher came to the forefront to run against “Jezebel.” Even Carly Fiorina would be a great option over Hillary.  There are several reasons or more that I say what I do about Hillary Clinton.  Here are just a few:

1. Hillary is a dishonest and untrustworthy individual to the core, even on matters of national security. There are numerous offenses here that should have the American people very concerned.

2. Hillary has stated on numerous occasions that the "unborn person" (person!) has no constitutional rights until he or she is born. She has always supported abortion on demand and would support federal funds going for abortions. Any Supreme Court judge she appoints would be an pro-abortion absolutist.

3. Mrs. Clinton has shown herself incompetent on national defense and would not strengthen a military depleted and humiliated under the Obama administration.

4. She, like Barack Obama, is very soft on Islam and it appears that she would not take aggressive stands against ISIS. Nor would she support measures in the US to curb Muslim terrorism.

5. She has no plans to secure our borders, allowing millions of illegal immigrants to come in to the country and share the same rights afforded by American citizens.

6. Again, the fact that she is a woman is utterly irrelevant. You don't vote for plumbing; you vote for a person and their behaviors, their ideology, and his or her policies. 

I could go on.

1. Trump has a chance of nominating originalists to the Supreme Court. Hillary could appoint Obama to the Supreme Court as well as stack the Supreme Court with liberal judges that will set down edicts that will remove the foundational freedoms, including the freedom of religion and religious discourse in the public square.

2. Mr. Trump is likely to secure borders and aggressively deal with Isis as well as corruptions in Washington DC.

3. Donald Trump seems to be pro-military and pro-police.  He has said this on numerous occasions during the three debates with Hillary.

4. His VP, Mike Pence, is a solid conservative, but I admit, the VP has very little say in anything and is more show than substance, despite Mike Pence’s record in his home state. Still, thank God, it isn't Sarah Palin.

Let me say up front, that those who made Trump the nominee have made an egregious mistake. Ted Cruz (who was my first choice I think), Carly Fiorina, or Marco Rubio would have been far better choices.  Let's just forget the buffoon, Gary Johnson who does know his right from his left.

Let's not forget, because we are living in this fallen world, this election is not about picking the lesser of the two evils.  This election is like no other election of the past.  This is an election is about the "evil of ideologies of the two lessers." This election is about picking the candidate that will allow two things:

1. They will allow the freedom of religious speech to continue, which will in turn allow the church to be the ambassador forwarding the message of the gospel. 

2. They can be used of God, as God used a King Saul or even a Nebuchadnezzar, to give the nation and the church in America, time to repent and turn this nation around from the last eight years. 

What I am saying is this. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to push America over the edge and create a vacuum for some other form of government to come in and replace what we have known since this nation's birth, not excluding freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  America has lost its understanding of true freedom, and understanding of what is really involved in a Constitutional Republic (which may be gone).

Should Mr. Trump pull this election out, I will not be lauding his victory.  I have not and will not be contributing a single cent to his campaign.  I will say that I am leaning toward casting my vote for him in the next few weeks, because not voting or even voting for Hillary is sending an approval for another four years of "hell" akin to the that of what Obama has put this nation through.  America's political party system appears broken.  

I pray that we will vote our conscience this November. Again this is not the morality or the behavior of the individuals vying for the highest office of the land. It is about their ideologies. To see this election any other way is shear ignorance, let alone non-thinking blinded insanity. 

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