Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thoughts from Rob on the Refugee Crisis

We are hearing a lot from the media pundits and in various circles about the government's decision to bring Syrian refugees into this nation. I want to provide you with some thoughts on how I see this.  

Points of agreement:

1. I agree that this refugee crisis is a great opportunity for us, as Christians in the west, especially in the U.S., to show Muslims what unconditional love looks like and point them to Jesus. These are people for whom 'Isa (Jesus) died.

2.  I think the government is not making a good decision due to other nations with like worldviews could take them. That said, I also agree that some have used this refugee crisis to perpetrate further evil on the western world at large, in general.

If Everything Needs a Creator, then Who or What Created God?


Those of you who have been following some recent Twitter to Facebook quotes have noticed that I have been involved in some conversations with the fellow coworker, who embraces a pagan religion, and who loves to see if he can stump me.  Without getting into the crux of the conversation, it somehow ended up on what kind of God exists. 

My conversant took tried to state that the universe had always existed and if was expanding it at a constant rate. In other words, he was promoting his understanding of a "steady state" universe.[1] This prompted him to question me with the following, "If you believe that God created the universe, then who created God?"