Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Ten Posts from The Real Issue for 2015 (LINKS FIXED)

This past year has been a busy one for ministry and work, with not much time for blogging. To be honest it this has been somewhat of a let down. But we know that God works all things out, and we were allowed to post what you read this year.

As the year 2015 draws to a close, I want to thank you all for reading our posts here at The Real Issue Apologetics Ministry blog site. 

The following is the list of our Top 10 posts based upon the number of hits from our dashboard.  

Apologetics Serves Evangelism in a Post Christian Culture

If Everything Needs a Creator, then Who or What Created God?

In the Culture We Have Today, Pre-evangelism or Apologetics Cannot be Ignored

How to Discern Cultic Teaching When You Are Conversing on the Doorstep

Four Dangerous Cultural Trends the Church Needs to Address

The Nature of Apologetics in a Morally Suicidal Culture

You Should Not Legislate Morality! Really?

Does it matter what one believes, as long as they are sincere?

Authenticating Your Terms When Communicating With the Spiritually Blind

The Charge of Islamophobia: Intolerance or Something More Problematic?

There are other postings that could have made the list.  There also a theological series on the subject of baptismal regeneration that received a lot of attention.  That can be found at the following link:  

Series Summary of Posts on the Subject of Baptismal Regeneration

Thank you for checking in and reading our posts on The Real Issue in 2015. I look forward to writing more in the coming year, and bringing more engaging material "to the table."  It is our prayer that you  and yours have a Happy and Reflective New Year and may our Lord continue to give you a baptism of confidence, compassion and boldness, as you seek to reach those who are embracing divergent world views and ideologies that conflict with the truth of the Christian faith.

Here is to the coming New Year, a year of equipping, encouragement and ministry.

See you in 2016, and remember. . . Go out and give 'em Heaven!

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