Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ministry Update Concerning the Last Two Months

Being up in the wee hours of the morning, I had been doing some reflecting and evaluating where things have been for the last couple of months.  It is hard to imagine that I have not posted a blog over the last couple of months! But it is true.

Where have we been, and where are we now?  Well these last couple of months I have been working on getting my blood pressure DOWN while maintaining our work with Ratio Christi, all the while working my full-time job in car sales (as if that might not be one of the main  contributors for stress).

So in this post, I want to catch you up on what has been happening and give you a rundown on what  the Lord has been doing with us at The Real Issue.

My Health Situation.

My health situation has been shockingly not pretty. This has been the main contributor to my absence from posting. How so?

Over the last several weeks, since my workplace did a biomedical screening I have been working on trying to get my blood pressure down. Those of you who Follow me on Facebook, may recall seeing some updates on this.  Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words.

However, during this time, I had been experiencing dangerously high numbers that impacted and affected my thinking process and my overall physical well-being. We were working on trying to keep me from a possible "mini stroke."  Thankfully, things are back to some sense of normalcy and I am back up and running.

Ratio Christi at Germanna.

One thing which has been a contributor to keeping my pressure down is my time talking to students at the local community college. Our Ratio Christi club at Germanna Community College is now in its second full year, being locked in for an exciting year, seeing returning students, students that have ventured out as a result of receiving an email from our student leadership, and new students who signed up at the college's club fair.

We look forward to doing more equipping and more outreach, now that we have become a recognized club by the college. We are planning on training the students to engage the new atheism, this year, so as to build confidence in their faith conversations with peers and professors who oppose the Christian worldview. Those who feel confident and demonstrate a winsome confidence will be invited to join us on our trip to the DC Mall this summer to engage the skeptics, atheists, "hate-atheists" and such at this summer's Reason Rally.  I will have more news as this develops.

What About My Job.

I am still in car sales, but hopefully there is a change coming in the not too distant future. For reasons that I cannot disclose here, I would ask your prayers and your encouragement as there is a new Ratio Christi related responsibility that I have been asked to take on.  This responsibility is more involved and will require me to find another stream of income.

I will tell you that God is moving in this and that it will increase my opportunities in the apologetics and discipleship ministry that I have been called into. Our church, where my family and I are members have more information that I cannot divulge here, but the closer you are to me as a friend and colleague, the more information I can give you and would ask for your prayers and support as we step into this.


There you have it, folks.  That is what is happening. I will say that I have been having some great conversations with  some of my coworkers at the dealer, who know that I am a follower of Christ.  One of those conversations or the thoughts from a conversation will come in my next posting.

Please continue to pray for us and this ministry. Thank you for your prayers in these recent days, and your continued prayers; and for subscribing to The Real Issue.  We are back and hopefully with more energy that what was almost lost. I thank the Lord that He has kept me, during this short season of lapsing health. I don't ever want to be there where I was these last two months.  The only good thing is that it showed me is that I am "in Him/in Christ," and it is He who sustains me.  It is only in Him that I "live and move and have my being" (Acts 17:28).

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