Sunday, May 24, 2015

In the Culture We Have Today, Pre-evangelism or Apologetics Cannot be Ignored

A couple of postings ago, I shared with you about four dangerous trends that are confronting the church and the culture. With these four trends, the task of apologetics is needed more than ever. People today are living out a humanistic existence, reflecting no need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Just the other day, I was at Sheets, picking up a smoothie, and saw someone with a tee shirt that had the word "Church" on the back. I thought that this might give me to seek an opportunity to talk with the young man sporting the tee shirt, with the hopes of a conversation. It turned out that the concert shirt a country musician named Eric Church's world tour and not for the Epic Life Church[1] that is here in "the Burg."

Monday, May 11, 2015

Does it matter what one believes, as long as they are sincere?

Have you ever been told by someone that it is "okay to believe what you believe, as long as you are sincere?" In this quick posting I would like to get to the "real issue" of why this is a little shortsighted at the least and spiritually dangerous at best.

To put it short and to the point, sincerity is a good thing, but it should not be our final answer for thinking that we are believing the right thing. Your and my spiritual well being should not be hanging in the balance of our sincerely believing what we believe.  One can be sincere in what they believe, but do you realize that they can also be sincerely wrong.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rob is a Guest on Theology Matters with the Pellews: Apologetics in Evangelism

This past Thursday, I had the privilege to be interviewed on the Theology Matters with the Pellews podcast hosted by my good friend Devin Pellew.  Devin and Melissa Pellew are full time missionaries with Ratio Christi serving at UNC Winthrop.  They also are actively involved in reaching out to the faculty at UNC Winthrop and have a great work among the churches and in the local correctional facility.   

I was interviewed by Devin on the first segment of Theology Matters on the subject of the need for apologetics in evangelism. In this segment, we address the role of apologetics being needed in a typical evangelistic scenario where the person does not accept the Bible as authoritative for salvation and that in those times we need to put the brakes on the gospel to clear the road to get the person to the gospel.  Apologetics in this case becomes the handmaiden to evangelism.

For those of you who have some of the common issues about trying to get apologetics a hearing in your church, or if you would like to know what apologetics is all about, and how it can impact your evangelism, please contact us at the Real Issue Apologetics Ministry and we would love to assist you or your church in the equipping of the saints to engage the cultural setting where they are located.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Four Dangerous Cultural Trends the Church Needs to Address

It has been a few weeks since I have posted on The Real Issue. Much of the reason has been time being stolen to do what I love to do, by my full time job. I am trying to take back "my life" even though my life is fully in Christ, no matter where I am.

But as I have been thinking on how to regain ground, and reboot my blogging and writing.  Being a "tent-making one dollar apologist,"(1)(2) working in what I call "the secular city," and battling in a job that is not for the feint of heart, I have been mulling over my next posting.  Being a culture watcher and viewing everything from a "worldview perspective" has prompted some thoughts about four dangerous trends that the Christian church in America needs to address. 

This posting here will just get the ball rolling with just a short summary of these trends; and then post more on them in the not too distant future.