Saturday, January 24, 2015

Is Mark 16:16 a Strong Support for Baptismal Regeneration? NO!

One of the "Go To" verses that sects, cults and denominations that support baptismal regeneration is Mark 16:16. This posting is in follow up to my previous posting on this subject that arose from a conversation with a friend who embraces this teaching. I also want to thank those who have "chimed in" on my Facebook page to share their thoughts on this subject as well.  

Before we get into answering this question, though, I want to approach this from a proper hermeneutic. Biblical hermeneutics is the study or science of interpreting Scripture, and it will be this approach for this verse as well as the remaining posts on this series.  

Whenever we look at a single verse or a passage, we need to discern what it teaches through carefully considering the context of the passage, and the language that is used. We also need to understand the "analogy of Scripture" (sometimes called "the analogy of faith") or knowing what the Bible teaches elsewhere on the same subject.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What is the Deal About Baptism Regeneration? Is it Biblical?

Not too long ago I was involved in a friendly conversation with a friend over doctrines in various denominational groups. The conversation moved to whether or not one needed to be baptized in order to be "saved." When I use the term "saved," I am using it in the context of spiritual redemption vis-a-vis, salvation from sin.

Let us be reminded that this is a hot button among many folks who are members of groups or sects that find their roots in the American Restoration Movement or Campbellite tradition during the Great Awakening in America.

But is baptismal regeneration taught in Scripture? Some believe that it is, but this posting will argue for the contrary.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Review of 2014 at The Real Issue

We Say Goodbye to 2014 and Hello 2015!

The year 2014 has come and gone and every year I have an opportunity to compile the postings over the year and reflect on what I wrote on. Every year I sit back and scratch my head and thank the Lord for what He has allowed me to share with you.

One of the surprises that I noticed on the posting talley, that we were a couple short of our highest monthly. But I write as the spirit leads and there is enough energy to hammer on the keys.

First off let me say to those of you who read and follow The Real Issue, thank you for your indulging the postings. Some of you who do or do not follow this blog have made comments letting me know who you have been shaped or influenced by what you have read. Thank you and praise the Lord for His moving in your heart and mind.