Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is There a Conceited and Arrogant God Forcing Us to Worship Him?

I love tough questions, and students who want to throw their "skeptical curveballs." Sometimes a skeptic will present an objection with the thinking that there is no way it can be answered. Such was case with one of our students who shared with me that he was given such an objection from a fellow college student. The student's objection was about believers worshiping an infinitely creative God went something like this: "Why should I worship a God who is self-centered and conceited, just because He created an entire Earth and universe just to sit around and worship Him?"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Practical Definition for Apologetics

Having just returned from from the National Christian Apologetics Conference and Ratio Christi Symposium, I have been thinking on the interactions I had with fellow apologists of the weekend. After some reflection, I cannot help thinking about the condition of the church in light of its misunderstanding of the spiritual discipline of apologetics. 

Let me say that it is both troubling and encouraging at the same time. As Charles Dickens wrote in the opening of his work, A Tale of Two Cities, "it [is] the best of times, and it [is] worst of times." The reason for this is because the church at large seems to be refusing, except in some circles, to engage the culture with the truth of the gospel. But engage the culture how?