What is Apologetics?

Apologetics may be simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith. The word “apologetics” derives from the Greek word apologia, which was originally used as a speech of defense or an answer given in reply. In ancient Athens it referred to a defense made in the courtroom as part of the normal judicial procedure. After the accusation, the defendant was allowed to refute the charges with a defense or reply (apologia). The word appears 17 times in noun or verb form in the New Testament, and both the noun (apologia) and verb form (apologeomai) can be translated “defense” or “vindication” in every case.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I am tired of the fallout of our students and you should be too. . .

Dear Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Parents, and Concerned Believers,

Are you concerned about the exodus that is happening in our churches, where 75-88% of the students coming out of Christian homes and going off to college are walking away from the Christian faith.  I am and you should be too.

My name is Rob Lundberg, and I am a homeschool Dad with a teenage daughter getting ready to graduate. Outside of my full time job to take care of my girls, I am part of a great ministry organization called “Ratio Christi.”  As the Chapter Director and Community Apologist for two campuses in the Fredericksburg area, I have scores of opportunities to talk to students and parents of students concerned about an “exodus” by our youth culture from the church, after leaving high school.  The reasons for this exodus are many:
US Teens are “incredibly inarticulate” about their faith. This inability to intelligently communicate their faith is a factor for skepticism and doubt