Friday, January 31, 2014

The Limits of Apologetics: the Difference Between "Faith That" and "Faith In"

We are taking my daughter through an apologetics book by Norman Geisler and Joseph Holden, entitled Living Out Loud: Defending Your Faith, as part of her apologetics training in our home.

Last night we were discussing what apologetics does and what apologetics does not do and talked about it from the perspective of the differences between "faith that" and "faith in."  What do I mean by these phrases?

Well not too long ago I was in a conversation with a guy who is really big on evangelism, and gave me the perception that one doesn't need to have reasons for their faith. His thinking was that you just go after the conscience, where the "faith in" resides, and leave the rest to God. The problem with that is that the mind, where the faith that rests, is omitted, forgotten or even abandoned in this approach. What is the difference and why are BOTH important?