Monday, November 24, 2014

Addressing the Deception of Religious Relativism

A half of a year has gone by since I addressed the subject of religious relativism. Back in April of this year, I addressed the question, "Are All Deities the Same? What's the Difference?" In that posting, I addressed the three major monotheistic religions and how they differed from the religions of the East (i.e., Hinduism and Buddhism). Then I took those three monotheistic religions and showed how they differed from one another.

The other night, at our Ratio Christi meeting, a question came up in our Q & A, which has resurrected my writing juices and created a path to address and do more writing on the subject. One of our students stated that her Western Civ professor was making statements like "all religions are essentially the same and say the same thing." 

I am sure this is a popular view in many people's minds. But I want to inform you, the reader, that this view is simply not true, and promotes a great ignorance about nature of the world religions. Sure we hear it not just from the professorial lectern, but also from the media and even government officials pontificating their views.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Everyone Has a Worldview. What's Yours?"

No matter who we are, we are all confronted with the questions of life that are relevant to origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. Here is a really good video from, which is a worldview training ministry.

Does God exist? How Does Everything Begin? Who am I? Why I am Here? What happens after I die? Cabbages and puppies don't think about these things. . . but people do. What reflects us as being human beings is that we reflect, seek answers to the important questions of life. Everyone has a worldview. Do know how your worldview stands up? Check out the video and take the quiz at