Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Format for a Clearer Direction

Over the last few months, I have been sensing the Lord's leading to make some changes in our online presence.  This past year, I have found it a struggle to find the time to work on updating my personal website. Some of this has been due to the time crunch I have had for ministry, and reporting what the Lord is doing during my interactions with those I find myself conversing with during the days and the weeks.

That said, I am going to be notifying my web provider to discontinue my web hosting. I will still be keeping my URL ( for the next year. I do have hopes and a vision to move in the direction for lengthening my leash in this ministry.  If you click on the link aforementioned, or go to my website, you will be redirected to this blog site.

All this aside, you may have noticed a different look to this blog. With my desire to change my vocation, and move into something that is going to give me more time to give to our work with Ratio Christi and our apologetics outreach ministry. That is why I am moving forward with this blog and seek to build it with the tools available into our ministry webpage.

If you have been on the Welcome page of this blogsite, and have noticed the right hand margins, you will see some links that have been carried over from my personal page. This move affords me to be a good steward of my online presence, keeping away from unnecessary distractions, where redundant online projects could have the potential the tyranny of the urgent. This allows me to keep the social media pages, and keep everything centrally located on this blog page.

So that being said, I have a few prayer requests.

Pray for our continued direction with THIS site. I am thankful for the cost effectiveness right now due to my full time commission job not bringing in the cash flow for privileges in maintaining a regular website.  

Pray for my job situation. It is starting to take a strain on my health, physically and emotionally, BUT NOT SPIRITUALLY.   I am thankful that I do have a job, but I am actively seeking the time to put together resumes and vitaes in order to find a consistent salary and have more of "a life." Know that I do not, I have not, and I will not sell my soul to any outside entity that places "golden shackles" on me.

God is good, and He is not unaware of my surroundings nor my situations. I rejoice that my testimony, though challenged at times, does not fade. 

Also I rejoice in His moving in the happenings with Ratio Christi at Germanna Community College. We have our first meeting tomorrow evening with over 35 students enrolled. Pray that I will keep my priorities in this in order that the Lord will continue to be glorified.

Thank you for following The Real Issue, and I look forward to greater things ahead, as we increase the work of this ministry to new heights for Christ and His kingdom.


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