Sunday, July 27, 2014

Part 2: A Clear Look at History Cracks the “Josephus Mirror Code”

This posting first appears at the blog for the Christian Apologetics Alliance

Earlier this month, I started a series of responses to another blog author posting a note on our Ratio Christi at Germanna Community college Facebook page. The comment was a promo for his book entitled, The Josephus Mirror Code and the author is Paul Amatucci.[1] His note was a multi leveled attack on the authenticity and the historicity of the life of Jesus and the gospel records.

It is one of the premises from his comment on our wall that I will be addressing in this post. The premise is that "the New Testament documents do not have any contemporary historical evidence written by anyone outside of those documents to prove that Jesus Christ and his followers ever lived" and "there was a 61 year gap between the events of the New Testament and Josephus' writings."

This creates just one piece of the puzzle in his book. My purpose for this post is to not some much toward the demand for contemporary documents as much as it is to show the problem with his statement. If there is any relevancy toward a demand for contemporary sources, that will be paled in light of the other problems with his premise.  Let's first look at the what Mr. Amatucci might be implying as contemporary.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Things Not to Say to Those Who are Suffering from a Loss

Supposing you have just lost your spouse or a parent and someone comes up to encourage you with words they that they truly believe are biblical. But when they do share those words, their message to you is without compassion or empathy. Is this possible?

In all fairness, many are oblivious to the application of words which can prove to be rather hurtful, without realizing it. Are words like, "God is sovereign" or "God has a plan" biblical? Yes. The question then becomes are they the right words for the right time?

In fact it is highly likely you and I have said something like this, not realizing how we could be adding more pain to the one who is suffering. This posting is going to deal with these statements along with a statement that is just plain unbiblical that some folks will say at a funeral. Lastly, I want to attempt to give a solution to help you and I do better in ministering to the suffering from an "apologetic of touch."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why So Much Opposition to Apologetics When it is All About Discipleship?

This morning I had the privilege of reading Eric Chabot's piece entitled, Why Does Opposition to Apologetics Come from Mostly Within the Church?  In his posting he brings in a series of five issues that are potential catalysts for this opposition. What I would like to do in my posting on this very same issue is springboard off of his first point, and perhaps may have a  posting on another of these points. Please go the linked article to read his posting.  

When bringing up the subject or the discipline of apologetics, have you ever had someone ask you, "what am I apologizing for?" Some folks who have heard that word, meaning giving an explanation for why you and I believe what we believe, will joke about the word, "apologetics." Others will be serious with that question.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why Worship a God that has killed thousands upon thousands of people?


It has been a few weeks since my last posting. Things have changed with my job. I am still a "tent maker apologist" working a full time job in car sales. But with the changes in ownership and the increase in time, and demands, I have been in a "battle" to find that precious commodity we all desire. . .TIME.

The increase in schedule has me scrambling to find time for my responsibilities as a speaker, a teacher and a Ratio Christi Chapter Director. The increase in time and getting home later has challenged my energy to post blogs here on The Real Issue and the Christian Apologetics Alliance. Please pray for a change as you can see where my passion really lies.

My job helps take care of the responsibilities of taking care of my family and feeding needy women and children. . . Mine!  A good thing to all of this, is that my commitment to not stay quiet in sharing the gospel and engaging peoples' objections has not been squelched. Lately I have been involved in meeting other believers who are new to the employment where I work, and meeting folks open to discussing their views on life and values in light of the events of our culture and political arena.