Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are all Deities the Same? What's the Difference?

Not too long ago, I received a text message from one of our students in our Student ministry at church. His text was asking for my thoughts regarding his friend toying with the idea of leaving his Christian faith for another religion. The religion that his friend was dabbling with was Buddhism.

One thing that this friend knew that many others do not know is that there is a difference between the Judeo Christian view of God, and Buddhism. If there was no difference there would be no need of leaving one for the other. So let's get down to the real issue on this subject.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Is Atheism a Lack of Belief? Certainly Not!

by Rob Lundberg

How do you respond to the challenge from the "popular atheist," who says "atheism is a lack of belief?" As we look at this question, I want to get to the real issue of matter. The first time that I really encountered this "definition" was a couple of years ago at the Reason Rally up at the DC Mall (2012).  

One of the several conversations we had was with two young "skeptics" who defined their atheism as a "lack of belief." But there is a problem with this re-definition of atheism. What is the problem?

Two Problems with the Re-definition.

In past postings, I have defined atheism as the philosophical position that denies the reality of the God of theism or other divine beings. I have also explained that atheism is also a worldview. For most of us, these concepts are pretty clear.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Answering the "God of the Gaps" Argument from Atheists


Some of us have heard this illustration, but it bears worth repeating. It is around the Easter season and the pastor's children's sermon was before the choir special. This particular Sunday, the pastor had all the children seated in front of him, and asks them to guess what he is describing. "Children, I am thinking of a little furry animal with a fluffy tail, and long ears and hops around."  Little Johnny in the back of the group raises his hand and says, "Pastor, I'll bet the answer is a bunny rabbit, but I think the real answer is Jesus." This is because little Johnny has been taught that Jesus is the answer for 'everything.' A cute story, however we live in a culture where, for an increasing many, Jesus and the evidence of God existence is not an acceptable answer.

As it is with my opening illustration, a similar challenge is thrown down when Christians are conversing with atheists on the issues of faith and science or the question of intelligent design versus macro evolution. In those conversations, the atheist may throw down a question where the Christian's only answer is "God" to their vehemently skeptical inquisitor's question. The atheist then accuses the Christian for throwing down what they call "god of the gaps" and dismisses the answer. How does the Christian respond to this?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Absolute Truth as Narrow Minded or Intolerant

by Rob Lundberg

Have you ever been called intolerant or narrow minded because you believe in absolute truth? The charges of intolerance and narrow mindedness are some of the more popular charges thrown down at Christians in light of our belief in absolute truth. Intolerance and narrow-mindedness are cultural hot buttons that paint Christians as a "horse with blinders on its eyes, limiting its vision of the world; or that of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand, completely oblivious to the surrounding world."[1]

This gauntlet thrown down by those who believe truth is relative is very self-defeating and misled for a few reasons. Let's get to the real issue to see what those reasons are, and how we can answer them.