Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blog Update: A Shift in Focus

How many of us remember the Etch a Sketch? If you are a Boomer, or maybe part of the Busters, the Etch a Sketch was a familiar toy to doodle with the turning of the knobs. Blogs have the potential to be like the Etch a Sketch in some ways.

You remember going and turning the knobs and trying to come out with a design. If you look at the graphic for this posting, the person that did the picture of the folks from Mayberry RFD, there was a lot of small turns and adjustments to come out with such a masterpiece.

Blogs can be the same way. They can be reformatted, re-designed with colors, font changes or change addresses. They can also grow in postings and irrelevant postings can be deleted.

Over the past couple weeks, I have been evaluating the past content of this blog, in light of the present material that I am posting and have done some thinking. Over the last couple of years I have borrowed ideas from blogs like regular quotes and definitions. While those items were good, I am in the works of re-purposing some of those past entries and deleting the quotes. Not too worry, I will seek the purpose for this blog having quote postings every so often.  But I hope to incorporate those in the current material that I am writing on.

I am continuing in the direction of addressing the issues confronting the church in culture. That is going to be focus of this blog and of this ministry.  Please keep this "arm" of our ministry in your prayers as continue to seeking projects directed to equip the body of Christ and engage the thinker truth claims of the Christian faith and the gospel.

Please tell others about this ministry and The Real Issue blog. Thank you for your prayers and engaging what you read here on The Real Issue. -- Rob

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