Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on Ratio Christi at Germanna Community College


Here is a quick update on the happenings with our start up at Germanna Community College. As I have shared with some of you, the Lord has been gracious to bring forward students that are currently enrolled or will be enrolled at Germanna Community College this summer/Fall semesters.

We already have one student, taking classes this summer, with what I call, "boots on the ground." He is handing out Ratio Christi postcards and a flyer to those who will take it.

We have heard from the Student Affairs Office about our being pro active in a club start up. After receiving counsel, I sent a response to the folks at the office assuring them that we are NOT going outside the bounds of the college to start a chapter, and that we are seeking to do things according to their guidelines and in the proper steps required by the institution.

Student prospects.

Right now we have a great interest from the majority of the thirteen students that have spoken positively and giving interest in a chapter start at Germanna. This is before the start of school (August?).  Because of the lack of exposure to apologetics in the churches, the spiritual discipline of apologetics can be a little intimidating.  That will happen and that will build the foundation for our first meetings once we start meeting. 

Apologetics is not just about defending the faith.  It is also about discipleship in a post Christian culture.  With more students with "boots on the ground" and handing out flyers, we should be filing paperwork for a chapter start by the first week of school.  Is this exciting or what? 

What About a Chapter at the University of Mary Washington?

We may have taken too quick of a step without evaluating the landscape.  Thankfully that was no a casualty move on our part. Just an answer from the Lord to slow down and work with what resources we have.  

The Lord has been gracious to give us a faculty advisor before we have a core of students. Because of this blessing, we are not abandoning UMW.  Knowing that students go a mile or two up the road to take courses for credit at Germanna; and knowing that some students who graduate from Germanna will transfer down the road to Mary Washington, we are going to be patient. 

In the meantime of this hiatus, and not taking no for an answer from some of the clubs on campus that think we are competing for their students, our focus this year is going to be toward a new arm of Ratio Christi's ministry.  Simply stated, Ratio Christi is not just about students.  Ratio Christi is also about faculty. The mission this year is to take the names of the believing faculty on campus and reach out to them.  What will this do? 

By reaching out to the believing faculty, we are hoping that we can give Ratio Christi some exposure in the hopes that they will be open to have periodic meetings, be encouraged, and equipped to be a tool for outreach with the hopes of drawing students to the excitement of this student apologetics movement.

Final note.

Are you a college student or a faculty member, who feels overwhelmed by the attacks and criticisms leveled against the Christian faith? Do you have your own doubts about the reliability of the Bible or the truth of the Christian message? There are answers. 

Contact Rob to learn more about Ratio Christi, a global movement that equips Christians at universities to defend their faith.   Email: or call 540.424.2305