What is Apologetics?

Apologetics may be simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith. The word “apologetics” derives from the Greek word apologia, which was originally used as a speech of defense or an answer given in reply. In ancient Athens it referred to a defense made in the courtroom as part of the normal judicial procedure. After the accusation, the defendant was allowed to refute the charges with a defense or reply (apologia). The word appears 17 times in noun or verb form in the New Testament, and both the noun (apologia) and verb form (apologeomai) can be translated “defense” or “vindication” in every case.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Real Issue Postings Answering Challenges from Atheists

Over the last few months, I have been posting responses to some of the challenges coming from the (new) atheists and the "Nones" (those who profess no religious affiliation or faith).  What I have done here is provided you with a listing of those responses so that you have a collection of them for your reference.  By no means is this an exhaustive listing.  These challenges are some of the ones  that I have been asked to address, since this past March's visit to The Reason Rally on the National Mall.  Know that there will be more coming in different postings but in the meantime, here is that listing for your reading edification:

Challenges from Atheists: Did the Universe begin to exist?
Challenges from Atheists: Is religion delusional?
Challenges from Atheists: Can one be moral without God? 
Challenges from Atheists:  How do you define a miracle?
Challenges from Atheists:  Is or is not atheist a worldview?
Challenges from Atheists:  Why do you believe in the Christian God?

I will be posting more responses to objections in the not too distant future.  I am catching my bearings with a church ministry transitions and trying to organize our planning toward the start of a Ratio Christi club at the University of Mary Washington this coming semester.

We covet your prayers and any encouragement you might be led to share.

Thank you for reading The Real Issue. 

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