What is Apologetics?

Apologetics may be simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith. The word “apologetics” derives from the Greek word apologia, which was originally used as a speech of defense or an answer given in reply. In ancient Athens it referred to a defense made in the courtroom as part of the normal judicial procedure. After the accusation, the defendant was allowed to refute the charges with a defense or reply (apologia). The word appears 17 times in noun or verb form in the New Testament, and both the noun (apologia) and verb form (apologeomai) can be translated “defense” or “vindication” in every case.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lee Strobel's Movie The Case for Christ is NOW on You Tube

For those of you who not seen the movie, "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel, it is now on You Tube.  Let me invite you to check it out here and interact with it.  If you are a skeptic, let me challenge you to check out the evidence and engage it honestly.  If you engage it honestly, take that next step and follow it where it leads.

Make it a "front burner" issue and do not let it go until you come to some conclusion. . . for your case for Jesus Christ.

Let me also invite you to pose whatever questions you might have after engaging this subject.

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