Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Thoughts on Frank Turek and Cisco's Discrimination

As soon as Frank Turek's wrongful termination broke out, folks have been posting their addresses and responses to Cisco's bigotry.  The following posting is the more recent update from Max Andrews' Sententia blog regarding this example of hypocrisy and intolerance.  As we think about this, remember that those who cry for tolerance in the secular city are usually first to be intolerant to those who hold to a set of objective moral and philosophical truth claims.  That is what we call hypocrisy and a hatred toward an absolute Moral Lawgiver.  
Exclusive Diversity – More Thoughts on Frank Turek and Cisco’s Discrimination
Soon after hearing about Frank Turek’s wrongful termination by Cisco Systems I blogged about the situation in hopes of getting this information out for as many people to hear as I could reach.  Hundreds have since read my post and it has been shared by many organizations and individuals (thanks for sharing the news!).  Recently, I discovered acomment that was left on this post by Kathleen, which stated,

You seemed to be confused about what diversity is. It doesn’t mean a company is going to welcome skinheads, white surpremacists [sic] or anti-gay bigots.

Later, Blinkyboy left some loving words as he accused Dr. Turek of hate speech.

Actually Turek’s book qualifies as hate speech based upon its consistent use of lies and plagiarism. No one has to employ a lying bigot.

This is incredible.  I couldn’t help but shake my head at such horrible logic, intolerance, and hypocrisy.  Those who march under the banner of diversity and tolerance are the same ones who are just as or more intolerant than anyone else.  I’m not anti-diversity nor am I anti-tolerance.  Diversity is crucial for many things.  Diversity increases flow of perspective and thought in the free marketplace of ideas.  Diversity allows for a greater increase of making catalysts for attaining goals of an organization or group.  I certainly do my best to tolerate others as well.  However, tolerance is not the same as acceptance.   Tolerance is allowing others to hold the opinions and ideas that they may have.  

Acceptance is embracing those opinions and ideas.  These two commenters who maliciously attack Dr. Turek are ignorant of what tolerance and diversity really mean.  If they claim to be proponents of such ideas, then they're speaking out of both ends of their mouth.  This whole "hates speech" deal is just ridiculous.  Does having an opinion that doesn't accept an idea or practice, in Dr.Turek's case, homosexual marriage, qualify as hate speech?  I don't think so.  The whole idea of "hate speech" is just off in my opinion anyways.  People can say whatever they want, if it's hateful, then they the freedom to do so, but it shouldn't be criminalized.  Many proponents of the homosexual marriage lobby need to check their words and their ideas before accusing others of being intolerant, hateful, or non-diverse lest they backfire.

Late Night Immoral Decisions Need a Response

First, it was our nation's renegade judges in the various judicial pockets of this country becoming the courts of last resort to move forward the legislating everything from abortion rights, hate crimes, free speech for Christians, and propositions nullifying that which is morally constitutional.  Last night the NY lawmakers sent the bill to legalize gay marriage in the Empire State of New York, and Governor Andrew Cuomo (the son of the former liberal Governor Mario Cuomo) could not sign it fast enough. 

What should be and how the response be (not reaction) to this issue?  The decision from the "Peoples Republik of New York" now makes it six states in the Union legalizing same sex "couplings."  Unfortunately, as the church in America, we have been more reactionary, when we should be responding with meekness to those ensnared by this dangerous "death-style."

That being said, let me share with you a recent article written by Frank Turek for his blog.  In this article, Frank shares his thoughts on the interesting scenario that there are those who profess to be gay and yet they are against same-sex marriage.  One such is an anti-gay marriage David Blankenhorn, who is anything but an anti-gay“bigot.” He is a life-long, pro-gay, liberal democrat who disagrees with the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexual behavior.  He is also against this move by the State of New York.

Here is the beginining of the posting . . .

Gay Marriage: Even Liberals Know It's Bad

By Frank Turek
This column is one I wrote for
Why not legalize same-sex marriage? Who could it possibly hurt? Children and the rest of society. That’s the conclusion of David Blankenhorn, who is anything but an anti-gay“bigot.” He is a life-long, pro-gay, liberal democrat who disagrees with the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexual behavior. Despite this, Blankenhorn makes a powerful case against Same-Sex marriage in his book, The Future of Marriage.

He writes, “Across history and cultures . . . marriage’s single most fundamental idea is that every child needs a mother and a father. Changing marriage to accommodate same-sex couples would nullify this principle in culture and in law.”

How so? The law is a great teacher, and same sex marriage will teach future generations that marriage is not about children but about coupling. When marriage becomes nothing more than coupling, fewer people will get married to have children.  [click here to read the rest of the article] [1]

[1] At the time of this posting, no longer has the article on their page.  Could it be that this is an act of censorship?