Friday, November 19, 2010

Debate: Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

If you are into debate, here is a three on three debate/discussion concerning the purpose of the universe.  On one side we have the skeptic/atheist side with debaters, Michael Shermer, Matthew Ridley, and Richard Dawkins.  On the theistic side debating for the affirmative, we have Douglas Geivett, Rabbi David Wolpe, and William Lane Craig.  This debate took place in Mexico and is a fun view.

Oh, I almost forgot, the video does start out in Spanish, being that there is a Mexican audience. However the debaters do speak in English so those of us who are challenged by the Spanish language will get the fruit of the discourse.

Let us know what you think of the debate after watching it.  It is roughly an hour and three quarters in duration.  Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback.  

If you have any questions, this posting will entertain them as long as they are well thought out and cordial.

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