Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Evaluating Religions: 5 Reasons to Start with Christianity

As you might have seen from past postings, this ministry is focused upon a lot of the challenges that come from religious pluralism and cultural relativism. This morning I was browsing through some blogs and noticed posting those of you with similar interests might find a good read from Neil Simpson's blog "Eternity Matters" The title of the posting is "Evaluating Different Religions: Five reasons to start your spiritual search with Christianity." Here is the beginning of the posting...

"I just listened to a
Stand to Reason Podcast (7/12/10) where Craig Hazen outlined some provocative things to share with people who are exploring different religions. Not only will they get people thinking, they help refute some false doctrines that Christians hold and address common objections to Christianity. Hazen wrote a novel called Five Sacred Crossings that incorporates these themes (I’ll read it as soon as it comes out on the Kindle!). Here are some notes from the Podcast with a few of my thoughts thrown in..." (click here to continue to read Neil's posting).

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